Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lawak dari Lecturer Dinamik ku di kala mata mengantuk

" I see some of you are sleeping..hurmm.. Do you know what Samivellu said or comment about syeikh muzaffar syah? The asronout.. He said like this.." Tahniah kepada syeikh muzaffar syah kerana telah meninggal dunia selama 10 hari dan selamat dikebumikan.." followed by big laugh..haha..LOL..

Then,guy got involved in accident  and because of shock,he can't speak.Then,a reporter come to him and ask about the accident.Because of he can't speak,he then,show a chicken and after that,show a goat and lastly show a bat.Then,two guy make assumption about wat the accident guy want to tell.The first guy said.." Maybe he want to tell that he does'nt get enough food.." the second guy said..."I think wat he try to tell is..'I'm(ayam) coming(kambing) bat(back).." followed by extra big laugh..wahahaha..

Hehe..agak kelakar .sy xmngantuk pn waktu tuh..tapi joke ni punyer psl,kwn sebelah sy yg duk tersengguk2 terus segar bugar..Diingatkan,lecturer tu namanye Sultan Ibrahim and I like the way he teach us..5star!!!


Anonymous said...

mulu lecture gak aa

Sebiru Hari Ini© said...

mulu?? memang best!! ngee

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